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How to get the best skin of your life!

Everyone’s skin is different, it’s important to recognise that with the use of certain products or treatments results will always vary. However, there are some treatments and products that undoubtedly produce incredible results for most individuals. Whether you’re looking for that extra glow before an event, or are wanting to boost your skin long-term, these are our recommendations.

The Hydrafacial

You’ve probably heard about this celebrity-loved facial all over Instagram and Tik Tok by now. The hype is truly worth it with this magic machine! The Hydrafacial can give you that undeniable glow before an event, whilst cleansing the skin of impurities and gently exfoliating.

So how does it work? Your dermal therapist uses various tips and solutions with a vortex-like wand that clears dirt and oil whilst infusing the skin with peptides. A light glycolic peel is included, but your skin will not peel from this step! The solution is powerful enough to impact the skin without causing dryness that is often caused by other more potent peels. The vacuum-like attachment helps to extract dirt and debris from your skin, this means your pores will have a deep clean, and yes, it will help with those annoying sebaceous filaments on the nose!

Skin Peels

Skin peels are a great way to resurface the skin, providing immense glow and exfoliation. However, peels are dangerous to perform at home, and must be performed in a clinic where the therapist is trained and familiar with the process of the peel. Skin peels can significantly reduce the appearance of pigmentation, including sun spots, skin discolouration and scarring. If you’re wanting to dramatically improve your skin, we recommend booking a series of peels, spaced a few weeks a part to ensure optimal results.

High-Quality Skincare

Have you ever walked into a cosmetic department store and felt overwhelmed by the amount of product options? It’s easy to be compelled by attractive packaging and scents, however, many skincare products are purely cosmetic grade, which means they won’t actually change the quality of your skin long-term. In fact, cosmetic grade products may dry the skin with the use of fragrance within the products. High quality skincare products often take years of research to develop, and include clinical studies with proven results. Some examples of skincare brands that we love include Skinceuticals, IS Clinical and Dermaceutic. These products are able to be purchased in the Dr Fresh Clinic and our trained dermal therapists will personally recommend products that are best suited to you. The benefit of purchasing products from a professional clinic environment is that the staff are not just retail assistants, but they are usually educated Dermal Therapists.

Consider these options to assist you in achieving your skin goals! We always recommend having a thorough consultation with a trained Dermal Therapist to discuss what is best suited to your skin’s needs.

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